The Dancing Girl

He spied her on a chilly September night,
Singing songs which gave her fright,
‘Young damsel where are you going? Why alone?
Climb upon my horse and I’ll escort you home.’

‘O sir, you needn’t worry,
Tonight I’m in a hurry,
I’ve been dancing in the town,
But I’m home-bound on my own.’

He put her ‘pon his pacing steed,
And a country path did lead,
And they journeyed ’till at last they stood
In the middle of an ancient wood.

‘O Alec, O Alec, you have led me astray
On purpose my innocent life to betray.’
‘It’s true, it’s true,’ these words he did say,
And on leafy floor did make her lay.

He stabbed her heart till the blood it did flow,
Never was the maiden brought so low,
In the morning she rose and ran away,
Fearing what the fields and towns would say.

Come all you pretty damsels, a warning take by me:
If you should go a-dancing, be sure you’re soon to flee
‘Fore you hear a voice that does sing,
Or you’ll have a baby to nurse in spring.


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